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The first task [2012-02-10 21:05:04]
Takze uvodny clanok co som sa len tak chvilu hral ked nebolo v robote co robit :D nejasnosti je tam...
Stret na Sartanskej planine [2011-12-07 10:13:53]
Battletech 3025
ZRudi vs Miglo
+++Stret na línii Kamenin – GT 722+++ [2011-11-16 12:44:01]
+++Krst ohňom A´un Adat+++ [2011-01-31 19:43:51]
+++chaos vs tau battlereport+++
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Assassin 01

Picture information
Filename:Assassin 01.jpg
Album name:Greger's Skaven
Submitted by:Greger  
File Size:727 KB
Dimensions:1799 x 1526 pixels
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Od: Bratislava
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 Re: Assassin 01
ten prechod z tmaveho do ostreho je dost skokovy, chcelo by tam trosku viac tienovania - ale v normalnej velkosti to mozno tak nevidno...

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