Mesiac na CMON (jún-júl 09)

Datum 19.7.2009 19:09:38 | Rubrika: WARGAMING.SK

La Hire By Mauganra

roustam by MAB... By rusto

Razheem (repost) By Landreth

Nurgle sorcerer/aspiring champion By WhiteRavenFactory

Gambit By jmpn

Skayab ,Rat Ogre By vincenti

Volgor By Mauganra

VIKING By rusto

Empire Amethyst Wizard By Mr F

The Last One By luis gomez pradal

Monstrop'os By fix

CARRO del caos By Frediwan


Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut By Bohun

opening the way, Gold in GD Spain 09 By dieguete

Teutonic Knight By MXP

Nurgle Blight Drone - Silver 40k vehicule GD Toronto 2009 By akaranseth

Space Marine Blood Raven Commander By Wiltrichs

Carnifex ( gold in spanish gd) By Mohand

Legion Commander By Bobinator

Arkevenger -GEHENNA by Pegaso Models By rusto

Sylphie - benevolent drow priestess By automaton

Krieg command squad, GOLD spanish GD 09 By Arsies

Rajha, the beast-huntress By franciuus

Empire Handgunners By Ana

Forge World Warhound By Demonrich

Saint Celestine By razza

Ogre By jarhead

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