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CONFRONTATION : Confrontation - Produkcny plan Rackhamu
Zasláno od fingol dne 2.1.2007 12:21:23 (2430 otevrení)

Takze zas a opat nieco zo sveta Confrontation - predbezny produkcny plan Rackhamu do juna 2007 (urcite nie je kompletny, nakolko tam chyba napr. grifinska tazka jazda alebo trpaslicky golem, ktori su na spadnutie...)


CRY 14 Covers : AT-43, Charge of Fire-Toads. Isabeau the Secret (new sculpture): exclusive figurine.
CAD 04 Secrets, volume 02 144 pages couleurs.

NARG07 Forge-Guardians (Blister 3 figurines/1 card) - Dwarves
CDGM02 Cadwë Undertakers (Blister 1 figurine/4 cards) - Cadwallon
DREL05 Red Karnaghs (Blister 3 figurines/1 card) - Drunes
CDCH07 Sienne (Blister 1 figurine/4 cards) - Cadwallon


UKCAD 03 Secrets, volume 01 - 128 pages. (anglicky)
Token Set GF9 : Fortification

CDSP02 Dog Master+ 2 Dogs (Blister 3 figurines/3 cards) - Cadwallon
DARG01 Daïkinee Guardians (Blister 3 figurines/1 card) - Cadwallon
CDSP03 Fury of Avagddu (Blister 2 figurines/4 cards) - Cadwallon
CDGM03 Fire Support Goblin (Blister 1 figurine/4 cards) - Cadwallon
CDRG01 Cynwäll Quarter Staffer (Blister 3 figurines/1 card) - Cadwallon

SCBO05 Aberration Prime (plastic) (Box 1 figurine/6 cards)

MAREC 2007
CRY 15 Spell : Mi-mars

CYCH05 Lens Mendkenn (Blister 1 figurine/4 cards) - Cynwall Echahim Hero
DASP02 Quithayran Zéphyrs (Blister 2 figurines/2 cards) - Daikinee
NAEL08 Thermo-Warriors (Blister 3 figurines/1 card) - Dwarves
CDRG02 Cadwë Bandits (Blister 3 figurines/1 card) - Cadwallon
CDSP04 Arcane Thieves (Blister 2 figurines/2 cards) - Cadwallon
CDSP05 Cadwë Pipe cleaners ??? (Blister 2 figurines/2 cards) - Cadwallon

WFBO03 Worg 2 (Box 1 figurine/ 1 card) - Wolfen
ORBO4 Troll of the Béhémoth (ORCR01) (Box 1 figurine/ 2 cards) - Orcs

APRIL 2007

CAD 05 Cadwallon Campaign : « Children of Mud » - RPG Addon

CDCR04 Cadwë Minotaur (Blister 1 figurine/1 card) - Cadwallon
DAGM01 Dream Warriors (Blister 1 figurine/4 cards) - Daikinee
CDEL01 Card-Wrecker Dwarf (Blister 3 figurines/1 card) - Cadwallon
CDSP01 Cadwë Assassins (Blister 2 figurines/2 cards) - Cadwallon
ELEA01 Water Elemental (Blister 1 figurine) - Elemental
OPRG02 Ophidian Slaves 2 (Blister 3 figurines) - Ophidians

DVBO01 Flesheaters Box (3 figurines/3 cards) - Devourers

MAI 2007
CRY Havoc 16

CDMA… the Harlequin (Blister 1 figurine) - Cadwallon
CDCH… the Scarecrow (Blister 1 figurine) - Cadwallon
GRCH… Phidias de Bassarac / 2nd Incarnation (Blister 1 figurine) - Griffin
ELLU01 « Angelus » / Immortals of Light (Blister 3 figurines) - Elemental
DACH… Kurujaï / Champion Archer (Blister 1 figurine) - Daikinee Character
CYFR… Cynwäll Pulsar (Blister 1 figurine) - Cynwall Construct

TIBO01 Moloch (Box 2 figurines/8 cards) - ? pravdepodobne Immortal of Darkness pre Acheron

JUIN 2007

DVCH... Scrupule, éventreur (Half-Elf Blister 1 figurine/3 cards) - Devourer Half-Elf
DVCH... Ashkasa, Warrior of Blood (Blister 1 figurine/2 cards) - Devourer Half-Elf
DVGM... Lord of Carnage (Blister 1 figurine/4 cards) - Devourer
• Master des carnages - Devourer Half Elf
OPSP... Assassin serpents (Blister 2 figurine/2 cards) - Ophidian
ORGM... Béhémoth Mystic Warrior (Blister 1 figurine/4 cards) - Orcs
NAMA... Bal-Torg the Ancient / 2nd Incarnation (Blister 1 figurine/5 cards) - Dwarves

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 Re: Confrontation - Produkcny plan Rackhamu
Na Rackhame su uz novinky na februar...
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 Re: Confrontation - Produkcny plan Rackhamu
Tu je inak linka na par obrazkov zo sveta Confrontation:


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