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40K Turnaj Krakow
2005/2/19 22:14
From Havířov
Posts: 158
Date: 19-20 March 2016
Venue: Solvay - Modern Art Centre http://www.solvay.krakow.pl/
Address: Zakopiańska 62, Kraków, POLAND
Tables: 72" x 48"
Max players: Unlimited
Fee: 60PLN (prepaid: minimum 35PLN)


Account number for the submission fee:
43 1240 4168 1111 0010 4741 6942
Radosław Szerląg
ul. Sosnowa 49
32-641 Przeciszów
Title: Name Nickname Surname

Referees: Jacek Obłaza, Radosław Szerląg, Michał Herbergier, Maciej Sułkowski

We will provide a couple of sandwich toasters, so be sure to get some toast bread and cheese


9.00 - 9.30 zapisy
9.30-12.45 first battle
12.45-16.00 second battle
16.00-19.15 third battle

9.00 -12.15 fourth battle
12.15-15.30 fifth battle

During the game:
30mins till the end of the match: “Do not start a new gameturn” limit.
15mins till the end of the match: Dice down.
Last 15mins should be given to provide the result and pack your army, to leave the table ready for the next round.

- max 2016 pts per army.
- max 1 CAD (as per 7th ed. Rulebook) + max 1 Ally Detachment (as per 7th ed. Rulebook).
- no unit can be duplicated, unless or the choices in the slot were already taken (e.g. Orks: taking 1 unit of Boyz and 1 unit of Gretchins in the Troops slot allows for taking another unit of Boyz and / or Gretchins.)
- Cult Mechanicus, Imperial Knights and Skitarii form a single CAD, but they remain a part of their faction (Skitarii and Imperial Knight units doesn't count towards the Canticles of the Omnissiah). 1 Imperial Knight model can be fielded in the Lords of War slot. When taking combined Mechanicum army, taking Ally Detachment is disallowed.
- Harlequins army can be taken as a part of either Eldar CAD or Dark Eldar CAD, but then taking Ally Detachment is disallowed.

Roster sendind deadline: 14 March 23:59. Mail: krkturniej@gmail.com

Allowed sources:
- all official codexes and supplements
- all relevant dataslates (standalone, campain books, white dwarf, web exclusive, etc.)
- Stronghold Assault is allowed

Disallowed sources:
- Escalation
- FW armies/dataslates/rules
- Unbound Armies

As per the Warhammer 40.000 7th edition Rulebook, ETC rulespack and current Codexes.

Maelstroms of War: MAX 3 PER ROUND!
Codex Maelstroms disallowed.

11 Secure Objective 1
12 Secure Objective 2
13 Secure Objective 3
14 Secure Objective 4
15 Secure Objective 5
16 Secure Objective 6
21 Secure Objective 1
22 Secure Objective 2
23 Secure Objective 3
24 Secure Objective 4
25 Secure Objective 5
26 Secure Objective 6
31 BEHIND ENEMY LINES—Score 1 VP if one of your scoring units is within 12" of your opponent's table edge at the end of your turn.
32 ASCENDENCY—Score 2 Victory Points if you control any three objective markers at the end of your turn. (Changed from D3 Victory Points)
33 SUPREMACY—Score 2 Victory Points if you control at least two Objective Markers and at least twice as many Objective Markers as your opponent controls at the end of your turn. (Changed from D3 Victory Points)
34 OVERWHELMING FIREPOWER— Score 2 Victory Points if you completely destroyed 3 units or more in the shooting phase
35 BLOOD AND GUTS— Score 2 Victory Points if you completely destroyed 2 units or more in the Assault Phase
36 NO PRISONERS—Score 2 Victory Points if you completely destroyed 3 or more enemy units during your turn.
41 HUNGRY FOR GLORY—Issue a Challenge in a HTH Phase
42 WITCH HUNTER—Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if at least one enemy unitwith the Psyker, Psychic Pilot or Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers special rule was completely destroyed during your turn.
43 SCOUR THE SKIES—Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if at least one enemy Flyer or Flying Monstrous Creature was removed as a casualty during your turn.
44 ASSASINATE—Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if at least one enemy character was removed as a casualty during your turn.
45 DEMOLITIONS—Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if at least one gun emplacement or enemy building was destroyed during your turn.
46 BIG GAME HUNTER—Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if at least one enemy Vehicle or Monstrous Creature was destroyed during your turn.

Sending correct roster before the deadline: +10DP
Prepaid: +10DP
Not providing the result till the start of another round = result is 0:0
Not being prepared for a game (lack of dice, templates, markers etc.): -10DP


0-15DP MAX

1. Painting 0-3DP:
-basic 3 colours 1DP
-shading 1DP
-shading and highlighting 1DP
2. Bases 0-2DP:
-covered with sand etc. 1DP
-painted, scenery etc. 1DP
3. Unit differentiation:
-units differentiatied 1DP
-units clearly differentiatied 1DP
4. Army Scheme:
-all models in the Detachment in the same scheme: 5DP
5. WOW for 1 awesome model: 0-1DP
6. WOW for the whole army: 0-2DP


Main: Eternal War: Crusade - 5 objectives (2VP each)
Secondary: Maelstrom of War: Cleanse and Control (up to 3 cards per round)
Deployment: Dawn of War

Mission 2:
Main: Eternal War: The Emperor’s Will (5VP for each EMPEROR'S WILL objective)
Secondary: Maelstrom of War: Contact Lost (1 card in the first round)
Deployment: Vanguard Strike

Mission 3:
Main: The Relic (2 Relics each 5VP worth deployed 12" from the middle of the board and 12" from the longest side of the table.)
Secondary: Maelstrom of War: Tactical Escalation
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

Mission 4:
Main: Eternal War: Purge the Alien (each 10% of models killed provides extra 1VP)
Secondary: Maelstrom of War: Cloak and Shadows
Deployment: Vanguard Strike

Mission 5:
Main: Eternal War: Big Guns Never Tire: 5 objectives (2VP each + 1VP per each HS destroyed)
Secondary: Maelstrom of War: Tactical Escalation
Deployment: Dawn of War

Tertiary objectives in each mission:
Slay the Warlod, Linebreaker, First Blood (each worth 1VP)
Kill Points: each KP is worth 1VP, max is 8VP
Kill the Big One: each 2HP / 2W lost on the enemy's SH / GC is worth 1VP

VP Difference DP
0 – 0 VP 10 : 10
1 – 3 VP 11 : 9
4 – 6 VP 12 : 8
7 – 9 VP 13 : 7
10 – 12 VP 14 : 6
13 – 15 VP 15 : 5
16 – 18 VP 16 : 4
19 – 21 VP 17 : 3
22 – 24 VP 18 : 2
25 – 27 VP 19 : 1
28 + VP 20 : 0


At the venue (sleeping bag and foam mat required!) - free

Nearby hotels:




Cheap hostels etc.:


map: http://i.imgur.com/RNH8Gas.jpg


We will provide toasters and coffee / tea. At 2mins walk from the venue there's McDonald's, KFC and other restaurants, as well as a market.

If You need any help with anything, contact Emeryt at fb: Piotr Emeryt Jaworski or via @: piotr@koma.art.pl

Posted on: 2016/3/2 16:21
Mercenaries never die, they just go to hell to regroup!
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