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Szczyrk (Poland) Grand Tourment 25-26 May`13 2400EURO
2013/4/8 22:01
Posts: 4
We want to invite our south neighbours to a grand tourment which will heve place at end of May 25/26 of May. It`ll be a big event (around 100plyers) close to our border (~45km to Zwardoń, ~90km to Zyllina).

Some preview info:

The tourment is a master class (10 per 1year(seasson) are organize in different part of our country). If you`ll loking a local class tourments (Cracov/Bielsko-Biala) please visit: http://ranking.wfb-pol.org/index.php (you can change the language)

Location - Hotel "Orle Gniazdo (Eagle's Nest)" in Szczyrk - http://www.orle-gniazdo.pl
(hotel with 500 beds)

Accommodation - for all participants in the master en-suite rooms, satellite TV, private balconies with views of the Beskydy

You can bring the family, a companion - the hotel and the area itself has many attractions, will be able to stay in the hotel on Friday from 10:00 am (extra hotel night paid) or longer if u want

Dining - Saturday lunch and dinner in the hotel restaurant, Sunday breakfast and optional dinner (we know that some may have to hurry back home, but for sure it will be a better dinner than McDonalds on the way ...)

Economy version - 65 PLN (17euro) (price includes admission to the tournament, a bed in a room with a private bathroom, breakfast in the hotel restaurant with a Swedish table on a Sunday morning)

Business version - 85 PLN (21 euro) (price includes as above dinner in a restaurant on a Saturday afternoon)

Exclusive version - 105 PLN (26euro) (price includes as above dinner in the restaurant on Saturday evening)

For accompanying persons as each version-20pln (5euro).

You can come a day early and enjoy a weekend in the biggest hotel in the Beskid Mountains for a bargain price (discount rate is based on room-nights Friday / Saturday and Saturday / Sunday).

Awards - Trophies and gift certificates for Top3, diplomas for the Top 10, the prize for the best hobby and an additional random prizes (gift certificates to be delivered in Gnome store

Places available - ~100

The night event (saturday/sunday) - organized on the spot - Cafe with a disco, drink bar Bacardi

Tourment`ll be played on popular EURO restrictions:

Format 2400 pts

There`ll be played 5 battles
3 on saturday
2 on sunday


Actual restriction:
http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic ... 8&t=111991

Rules changes:
Two characters per unit (owner's choice) will get "look out sir" versus the following spells that automatically kill models or automatically remove an entire regiment: Dwellers Below, Final Transmutation, Dreaded 13th. Normal requirements for lookout sir apply.

I. General Restrictions:
No Special or Named Characters.
Army used can be any of the currently published GW Army books. Forge World based army lists & units may not be used on the event, except for Chaos Dwarves.
An army may have up to 4 war machines and shooting template weapons. Warmachines that use a template count as a single choice in this regard. All template weapons (from magic items, abilities, etc.) count, except for spells. Bolt thr. count as ½ a war machine(round up).

All BSBs can take all the Equipment, their unit type has acces to as if they weren't BSBs.

Army sizes, additional power dice/dispel dice and VP reduction are represented as follows:
Army (Point size, additionl power dice/dispel dice, VP reduction, if any (excluding bonus points for banners, general, etc.))

Unit sizes are limited as follows:
Units cannot be more than 40 models nor 450 points (including all command, upgrades, magic items/banners). This restriction applies during the creation of the roster - unit size/cost may be increased during the game (for example - by joining characters to the unit). This restriction does not apply to characters.

Magic Restrictions:
No duplicate non-signature spells(not including bound spells) and max 2 Spirit Leech (Signature spells are spells you can swap other spells to)
- Apart from Winds of magic, an army may only use 2 power dice/DD per magic phase. After an army generates the limit all the other extra dice are discarded. This includes channeled power dice/dispel dice.
- Player can use maximum 5 power dice to cast a spell. For spells from Lore of Death/Lore of Shadow/Lore of Hashut this max is lowered to 4 power dice.
- An army may use up to 12 power dice during each phase.
- You may have units/abilities that actually would generate more than 2 extra dice, but any excess dice are lost
- Some magic items/abilities count as generating dice toward this limit.
- “Count as” items/abilities may never exceed a cumulative 2 power dice/dispel dice per phase. This means that player who already spent his limit power dice limit, cant take more items which “count as adding power dice” or add power dice from channeling during game (same for dispel dice).
- All modifiers are applied from the army list and will not change during the game.

Detailed description
Apart from Winds of magic, an army may only use 2 power dice/dispel dice per magic phase (unless army restrictions specify otherwise). After an army generates the limit all the other extra dice are discarded. This includes channeled power dice/dispel dice.

If a dice is stolen from the opponent’s pool, but your army has already generated two extra dice, the dice is removed from the opponent’s pool and then discarded.

Some special items and abilities DECREASE the limit of power or dispel dice you can add to the pool. We refer to those as “count as” items. What this means is that, if your roster includes one “counts as 1 Power Dice (PD)” item, your army can only add 1 power dice (instead of the usual 2 dice) to the pool in each of your own magic phases of the entire game (regardless of whether the item is destroyed or used up).
Please note that you cannot have a combination of items that would decrease the limit of extra power or dispel dice to below zero.

Item restrictions:
- Any item that auto-dispels a spell counts as generating 1 dispel dice each magic phase.
- Folding Fortress is not allowed

Bretonnia (2400p)
Dispel Scroll/The Silver Mirror, max 1

Beastmen (2650p, +1 Power Dice, -10%)
Tuskgor Chariots, Ungor Raiders 0-4 each
A unit cap of 50 models per unit and point cap on units 550 instead of 450 pts.

Chaos Dwarfs (2400p)
Hellcannon, Iron daemon are each 0-1
Hobgoblin Khan 0-3
Chalice or Sorcerer Prophet. Chalice of darkness counts as 2 power dice
Iron daemon, K'daii destroyer, Second taur'ruk, count as war machines
Magma Cannon/Hellcannon/Dreadquake Mortar/Prophet with Lore of Death/Hashut, max 3 in total
Crown of Command on mage/K'daii Destroyer, max 1 in total

Dark Elves (2400p)
Max. 35 repeater Crossbows (excluding chariots & characters) in the army
Harpies 0-2
Dark riders 0-3
Flying characters 0-2
Shades max 20 models
Pendant cannot be worn by a Dreadlord or models with Crown of command
Pendant of Khaeleth/Crown of command/Cauldron of Blood/Hydra max 2 in total
Sacrificial dagger/mage lord, max 2 in total
Assassins/Rending stars max 4 in total

Daemons of Chaos (2400p,+1 Dispel Dice)
Skull cannon 0-1
Flyers max 4 in total
The Rock of Inevitability cannot be taken

Dwarfs (2400, +2 Dispel Dice)
Max 45 Quarrelers/Thunderers in total
Grudge Throwers are a 0-2 choice
Gyrocopter doesn't count for max 5 war machine/template
Can have 5 war wachines, anvil counts as 2

Empire (2400p)
Max 45 handgunners/crossbowmen in total
Knightly orders 0-3
Demigryphs max 10 models
Cannon/Steam tank max 3 in total
Cannon/Steam tank/Demigryph unit, max 4 in total
Crown of Command/Steamtank, max 1 in total

High Elves (2500p,+1 Power Dice)
Vortex Shard counts as +1 dispel dice
Book of Hoeth counts as 3 power dice and 2 dispel dice
Banner of the World Dragon counts as +1 dispel dice

Lizardmen (2400p)
Jungle swarm, Skinks <20, Skinks skirmish 0-3 each
Salamanders are a 0-1
Scar-Veterans on coldone 0-2
Cogitations counts as +2 dispel dice
Cupped hands of the Old Ones +2 power dice
Scroll/Cube of darkness/1 or more slanns, max 2 in total
Death lore/bane head/feedback scroll/Cupped hands of the Old Ones, max 1 in total.
Crown of Comand/Standard of Discipline/Focused Rumination/Higher State of Consciusness/1 or more slanns, max 2 in total
Skinks <20/Skink skirmirshers/Jungle swarms/Chameleon skinks/Terradons/Salamanders/Razordons/Slann, units are max 9 in total

Ogre Kingdoms (2400p)
Max 15 Leadbelchers/maneaters with pistols in total
Gnoblars < 20 0-3
Dispell scroll/Hell heart, max 1 in total
Hell heart/Rune Maw Banner count as 1 dispel dice each
Iron Blaster/Crown of Command, max 1 in total
Slaugther master/Iron blaster/Standard of Discipline, max 2 in total
Max 8 Mournfang models

Orcs&Goblins (2600p)
Night Goblin Shamans mushroom dice do not count as power dice in regard to the power dice limit
Maximum model cap is 60 models per unit
Fanatics/Manglers max 9

Skaven (2400p)
Slaves/Rat Swarms are 0-3 each
Rat Packs <20 0-2
Hellpit Abomination, Warp-Lightning Cannon, Doomwheel 0-1 each
Gutter runners are limited to 2 units & max 20 models in total
Engineers are a 0-3 choice
Screaming Bell/Second Grey Seer/Power scroll, max 1 in total.
Hellpit Abomination/Screaming Bell/2nd Assassin, max 2 in total
Doom Rocket/Brass Orb/Storm Banner max 2 in total

Tomb Kings (2600p, +1 Power Dice, -10%)
Neferra's Scrolls of Mighty Incantations counts as 2 power dice and 2 dispel dice
Hierotitan is worth 1 power dice so long as it's alive
Skeleton Horsemen, Skeleton Horse archers, Chariots units are 0-3 each
Warsphinx/Necrosphinx max 3 in total

Vampire Counts (2400p)
Zombies, Dire Wolfs units are 0-3 each
Flying units 0-4
Vargheists max 8 models
Ethereal units 0-3, and max 2 of same kind/characters
Terrorgheist 0-1
Howls/shrieks max 2 in total
Red Fury/Quick Blood/Terrorgheist/Necromancer Lord/Vampire Lord, max 3 in total
Max 15 mounted characters and black knights combined
Master of Black Arts/Blasphemous Tome upgrade are 1pd each

Warriors of Chaos (2400p)
Core Chaos chariots, Marauder Horsemen, Warhounds are each 0-3
Hell Cannon 0-1
Model with 3+ ward cannot have Crown of Command
Talisman of Preservation/Armour of Destiny/Third eye of Tzeentch, max 1 on same model
A Daemon Prince model can have max 4 of Scaly skin/Soul feeder/Chaos armour/Mark of Nurgle/Fly/Lvl1-2/Lvl3-4
Flyers 0-4, models with the regenerating flesh upgrade count as 2
Flyers with Breath weapons count as 2 templates

Wood Elves (2600p, -10%)
Max 70 glade guard
Max 5 Glade guard units
Glade Riders, Scouts units are 0-3 each

Hobby raiting - Painting max 15pts in total:

Quality of painting
0 - hardly an eyesore on the verge of release
1 - properly applied 3/4 colors
2 - correct table top (weak drybrush, poor staining, poor painting traditional)
4 - Pretty army (good drybrush, good staining, good traditional painting)

Whole Army looks:
0 - a jumble of models with different armies (winter painting mixed with a spring etc.), lack of consistency
1 - rather consistent, although there are individual models are outliers from the rest of the army style
3 - whole army are a coherent, one style of painting, the same trays, units form a single army

Trays (models and units)
1 - units have trays
2 - trays are modeled
1 - models have modeled the stand

0 - glaring deficiencies on the wards WYSIWYG ( + prox in the army)
1 - WYSIWYG on most units (individual derogation models in the branches, full command group)
2 - full WYSIWYG on units

Preparing to play
0 - miss more than one of the following supplies: dices / armybook / templates used by the army / rooster
1 - miss one of these elements
3 - full preparation for the game

+ Knowledge Test (classified as a separate ranking for the best hobbyist) painting competition.


p.s. I`ll be updating any change on this post. If u want know more details just ask.

Posted on: 2013/4/9 9:51

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Re: Szczyrk (Poland) Grand Tourment 25-26 May`13 2400EURO
2013/4/8 22:01
Posts: 4

Posted on: 2013/4/18 8:19
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