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Silesian Team Championships(STC) Warhammer 40K and Board Games at Bonfire

Subject: Silesian Team Championships(STC) Warhammer 40K and Board Games at Bonfire
by MadHamster on 26.4.2016 18:24:16

Silesian Team Championships(STC) Warhammer 40K and Board Games at Bonfire

Goblin Shop have pleasure to invite on 1st edition Goblin on Ranch. It is a three day event dedicated
wargaming miniatures, board games, and collectible card games. It is a possibility of metting with friends and family together and play on your favourite games.
On this three day event you can use board games from our collection, have battles in miniature figures and card games tournaments or event board games tournaments.

Everything will have place on Western Ranch situated on the so-called Szwajcaria Czyżowicka, Ranch provides full restaurant services and acces to multiple sort of drinks on event.
On saturday evening we will have a bonfire, with sausages from us. You will only need to bake it and have fun :).

Date of event: 22-24 July 2016
Start: Friday 15:00
End: Sunday 17:00
Rancho Western
ul Bełsznicka 29b
44-352 Czyżowice

Location is near highway A4, convenient acces to main place. Free parking, grocery store near place of event. Restaurant with good prices and very good food on main event place.

Buy In: ( from one person)
Friday-Sunday: 35 zł ( Polish Złoty)
Saturday-Sunday: 25 zł
Sunday: 10 zł
STC WH 40k – 60 zł from person( team/person can come on place on friday, price will be the same)

Main object is under roof, it can rain outside and we can handle it :).

In Buy In price we have:
Paided tent place and acces to bathroom and WC(you will need your own tent, please remember)
Paided food (sausages,tea,bread) on saturday bonfire afterparty
Paided visit and acces to all board games from Goblin Shop and all object.

To people who don't like sleep on tent, here are some links to hotel near event place:
1. www.tornado-wodzislaw.pl/
2. www.hotelamadeus.pl/
3. www.hotelostrawa.pl/
4. www.hotel-zamek.pl/
5. www.noclegiwodzislaw.dobrynocleg.pl/ (cheap option)

STC Warhammer 40K
Main tournament will be Silesian Team Championships(STC) Warhammer 40K. Tournament are planned on saturday and sunday.

Date: 23-24 July 2016
Rank of tournament: Challenger
Team tournament: 3-person teams
Price from participating of one person: 60 zł (180 zł from team)
Points: 1850 / person
Judge: Radosław Szeląg

4-5 battles will have place, decision we will make as soon as possible with it.

Detailed timetable with all attractions will be announced soon.

Our sponsor on time we write it:

Goblin Sklep:


Micro Art Studio:


G3 publisher:

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