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Re: Flames of War

Subject: Re: Flames of War
by Weregore on 17.9.2015 13:46:24

Today we got are hands on some information about the new book, the novel and the game itself from the next copy of Wargames Illustrated (don't worry there is more to read in the magazine, we haven't spoiled it all!) So this is what we learnt:-

The Novel

Team Yankee is based on novel written by Harold Coyle in 1987 about a fictional Soviet invasion of Western Germany.
The book is from the view point of "Team Yankee's" commander.
The book is being released by Battlefront in paperback and on Kindle.

The Rulebook (yes I meant rulebook)
The Flames of War Team Yankee rulebook is 120 pages long and includes the entire rules, background, complete US and Soviet forces and scenarios from the novel.

The Goals of Team Yankee
Team Yankee draws a lot from FOW but it isn't the same game.
It is similar but there are many differences and an experienced FOW player might find it better to approach this as a new game.
The goal of this new rule set is "to keep the depth and complexity of FOW, but to make the game easier to learn.
The game needed to be robust enough for tournament play, but have fewer special rules and exceptions to keep it suitable for casual players. (a good example of this is hit allocation, now one page instead of four and easier to understand).
The last goal was to have lots of lovely plastic kits for Tanks and helicopters.
Another change from normal FOW is the rulebook doesn't attempt to have all the answers. It states the rules. There will be a living on-line that will cover the gaps between this simple game and the completeness of FOW. There will be lots of diagrams to make the rules work for competitive tournament play.

How Does It Play?
Very fast, even compared to FOW.
Tactical Movement, the speed you fight at, is slightly faster for the infantry and slower for the tanks.
But Dash movement (I guess doubling?) is much faster and the only downside is you can't fight.
The game is also faster is the rules are stream lined, there will be cards (more info on this next week) and reference sheets so there is less time looking in the rulebook.
The final reason is that everything in modern warfare is deadlier.

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